Personal Privacy

Many exchanges ask you to buy cryptocurrency on their terms and under a number of restrictions. At The Crypto Advisors we understand that many of our clients have unique situations which require custom solutions.

One requirement is giving out your social security number. It takes a lot of trust to hand over such an important piece of information to a cryptocurrency broker. If you don’t feel comfortable giving out such personal information to an online exchange, we understand. The Crypto Advisors will never ask you to tell us your social security number.

Even after giving out your social security number many cryptocurrency exchanges are notorious for having poor/non-existent customer service. This is completely unacceptable. At The Crypto Advisors we understand that we are handling your investment so we must be ready to answer your questions and provide top-tier service. Rather than waiting for an email from a customer service representative (which may never come) you will receive direct support from our trained and vetted professionals. Our crypto advisors are in the office from 10am – 6pm Monday through Friday, ready to help.

We pride ourselves on the relationship we develop with our customers. We understand that trust is more important with cryptocurrencies than just about anywhere else. For this reason we encourage customers (distance permitting) to come visit our brick and mortar location in Watchung, NJ. Meet our crypto advisors directly so you can feel comfortable that your investment is safe. Give us a call to arrange an appointment. (888) 844-7806