Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Here are some frequently asked questions clients have before using our services. If any of your questions are not answered in this section or you would like a more detailed explanation feel free to give us a call at 888-844-7806.

Our Services

We help our clients operate in the cryptocurrency space by assisting them with buying/selling, storing, and understanding their cryptocurrency. With security as our primary motivator we ensure that our clients identity and digital assets are always protected.

No, although we have extensive experience in using exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies for our clients and teaching clients to safely use exchanges themselves.

We are not an exchange, therefore we do not sell cryptocurrencies. That being said, if you are interested in buying an alternative cryptocurrency (altcoin) we are happy to investigate and help you purchase that cryptocurrency.

We happily offer services to buy/store bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for our clients.

Absolutely, our team has extensive knowledge using different cryptocurrency wallets and we are ready to pass our knowledge to you.

Yes, we are located in Watchung, New Jersey. Give us a call so we can setup an appointment at our office.

No, to use our services there is no subscription required. We charge a simple hourly fee of $120 per hour. This fee is pro-rated so you only pay for the time that you need.

Absolutely, it is not out of the ordinary to buy cryptocurrencies as a investment for the future. We can walk you through this process to ensure that your funds are safe.

Yes, we work with many clients who are located outside the US to help them buy cryptocurrency.

Yes, we can help you to buy cryptocurrency even without a computer or internet.


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money which is protected using cryptography. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency which proved the utility of blockchain technology.

You may have heard of blockchain in reference to bitcoin. Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin which stores transactions on a public immutable record. Simply put blockchain is a revolutionary tech for ensuring data integrity.

Cutting out the banks is part of the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies! While you cannot keep your digital assets in the bank there are other options for storing your digital assets.

No, there are many different options for storing your cryptocurrency. Finding the right option for you depends on your currency of choice, your internet access, and your machine (phone/computer).

Yes, bitcoins are divisible, you can buy a portion of 1 bitcoin with as little as $10.

Each cryptocurrency has a unique origin. Give us a call to learn more about specific cryptocurrencies.

There are a few different methods to access your cryptocurrency. In the most popular method users receive a set of digital keys. These keys are the only way to access your cryptocurrency.

Just like the money you already hold, it’s up to you. You can store your cryptocurrency or spend it with vendors who accept cryptocurrency.  There is an ever-growing list of companies who already accept cryptocurrencies including Subway, Microsoft,, and OkCupid.


Currently the best place to buy/sell cryptocurrencies are trusted online exchanges, you can find a list of exchanges we recommend here. If you would prefer to avoid the hassle of joining an exchange, we can facilitate cryptocurrency sales/purchases for you.

Just like traditional financial markets, crypto markets move due to announcements, politics, and a full spectrum of drama. These movements are more exaggerated in the cryptosphere because it is a young space with huge potential and a complex technology.

The short answer is no. When you keep your funds on an exchange they are only as safe as the exchange. It is much safer to hold cryptocurrency in a digital wallet.


Yes, cryptocurrency is safe. When upstanding cryptocurrencies are used properly they are some of the most secure networks on the planet.

When using online resources related to cryptocurrency make sure to only interact with trusted parties recommended by The Crypto Advisors. To keep your PC safe from threats, such as trojans and keyloggers, we recommend the software F-secure which can be purchased as part of our subscription service.

While The Crypto Advisors is a relatively new company our parent company, Jeevy Computers, has been providing quality tech assistance for almost 30 years. As an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau it would not be in our best interest to steal your cryptocurrency. Additionally we are located in the United States so by involving banks and regulated exchanges there is an official paper trail which works to keep our customers safe.

Detailed below is a list of five popular scams in the crypto space. Watch out for this behavior to protect your digital assets.

  1. Twitter giveaways – Many times the tweet of an influential figure in the cryptosphere will receive comments from impostor accounts who pose as the author of the tweet. These impostor accounts will claim that there is a cryptocurrency giveaway. With statements such as, ”If you send us 1 bitcoin, we will send you 3 bitcoin in return.” If you send cryptocurrency to this person, you will not receive any cryptocurrency in return.
  2. Impostor Exchanges – In the same vein as impostor twitter accounts, there are also impostor crypto-exchanges. These are entire websites purpose-built to look exactly like well-known exchanges. Because the cryptosphere is so new, search engines are not well equipped to safeguard against this type of scam. To protect yourself check the website URL to make sure it matches the URL of your exchange perfectly. Once you have verified this URL, bookmark the website to protect yourself in the future.
  3. Threats- There are many reports of people receiving threatening emails which claim that a user must send cryptocurrency or they will lose the files on their computer, they will be blackmailed, or any combination of threats. These emails will claim that you can only protect yourself by sending  cryptocurrency. Most likely these are empty threats. Although, if it would give you peace of mind, our skilled technicians can look through your computer to check for any threats present.
  4. Initial Coin Offerings – Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs, are not inherently bad. Many reputable projects in the cryptosphere have used ICOs as a means to fund their idea. Unfortunately the frantic speculation in this new space has attracted bad actors who will build a flashy website based on a fake idea. They will then proceed to raise millions of dollars with no intention of acting on this idea. Before investing in any project make sure to do ample research or consult our team of dedicated specialists.
  5. Multi-Level Marketing – Ponzi schemes seem to affect any market which has buyers and sellers. Cryptocurrencies are not exempt from this rule. When looking to invest in cryptocurrency watch out for projects which have the characteristics of a multi-level marketing scheme, such as guaranteed returns and rewards for recruiting new individuals to the network. The most popular ponzi scheme in cryptos, Bitconnect, gained a valuation of 2.7 billion USD before sharply dropping to 12 million USD.

While these are some of the more popular scams in the cryptosphere, they are by no means the only scams. If you are unsure about any cryptocurrency interaction, give us a call and we can provide you with expert opinions about the currency/exchange in question.